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How To Create Stylish and Responsive "Contact Us" Page In 2021

Contact Us page is really important if you're a blogger, it helps your audience and sponsors to contact you and Give you FeedBack which can help your business to resolve problems and be better than it was, Contact us page is also important if you want an Adsense account because of Google's Term&Conditions Pages like Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, About us and Site map are really important some people also say that these pages increase your authority which is good for the long term, and These pages also good for your SEO . Most of you guys are searching terms like Contact us page on the website, Generate contact us for the blog, How to make contact us page, Contact us template In this article I am will show you how you can create your own Stylish and Responsive Contact us page, I used 2 methods to create an amazing contact us page you can use any of them you like the most, feel easy and comfortable. What is a "Contact us" page? Any other name for the cont
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Come back of Nokia l Case Study l Business lesson l Part - 2

Most of you guys were asking about how Nokia starts himself again. If you guys are still don't understand what I am talking about then probably you don't read part - 1 so read it ( Nokia Part- 1 ) before reading this one. In this article I tried to make you understand Nokia's comeback and regaining a position in the smartphone market, this article can be a bit long but it's really important to know this case study deeply before we start reading this article please comment about your feedback and tell me how do you reach here or do you like us or not? Let's start then. Why Nokia failed Part - 1 We will talk about 4 reasons in this article -  Stephen Elop's Negative Will Wrong Acquisition Slow Mover Come back of Nokia Conclusion From Part - 1 Who is Nokia? How Nokia failed? What Nokia is doing? Conclusion 1. Stephen Elop's Negative WILL Stephen Elop's was a Leader with Favourable Skill But Unfavourable Will, He was a leader with high competence but l

How to Chroma Key in Mobile Phone, Premiere Pro, Filmora and Cyberlink PowerDirector

Welcome back Guys to another article and here we are going to know how you can remove background from your videos, Removing background is a part of video editing so we will use some video editing software, software like Adobe premiere pro, Filmora and Sony vegas pro. we will also learn how we can remove Background using a mobile phone and some things we should not do while removing background some Tips and a full explanation on things need to perform this effect like - Green screen, Application, System requirement, Lighting etc. If you are a video editor or want to be in future then this effect is one of the most important. Premiere pro Basic Guide - Click here What is Chroma Key/Ultra key Effect? Things to avoid while performing  Chroma key/ Ultra key Effect. Things to do while performing  Chroma key/ Ultra key Effect. How to Chroma/Green Key Effect in Premiere Pro. How to remove the Green screen in filmora? How to remove the green screen in Cyberlink PowerDirector? How to use the gre

How & Why Nokia Failed l Case Study l Big Tech Giant l Part - 1

Every kid who born in the 90s used Nokia once in his life, playing snakes game in Nokia's phone was one of the sweetest childhood memory. if you ask any teenager now about there favourite mobile phone manufacture company everyone will say about apple, oppo, Vivo, Samsung, MI and etc these company are the most famous company in the smartphone market but have you ever thought about what happened to Nokia the most demanding and profitable companies in just a few decades ago but now it's disappeared and how the small and new companies rise in the market. in this article, we are going to find out how Nokia rise? How Nokia fall? and where is Nokia now? Who is Nokia? How Nokia failed? What Nokia is doing? Conclusion Who is Nokia? Nokia is a Finland based mobile phone manufacturing, information technology and consumers electronics company. the core business is to manufacture a mobile phone handset. Nokia acquire a company called "mobira" and  In 1982 they introduce their

My SEO tips for Bloggers [ Question/Answer ] 2021

I am sure if your reading this article you are a blogger or you want to be a blogger in future but being a blogger is not a piece of cake it takes a lot of efforts, hard work, consistency and patience. there are so many things will irritate you and makes you angry and "SEO" (Search engine optimization) is one of them, you need to learn and gain a lot of experience in this field, once you know how to do this very well I am sure nobody can stop you to rank on google search result. I am a blogger and in the starting, I have known a few things but now I can say I know SEO very well and I am here to tell you those questions I have in the starting that I face. This article is going to be full of knowledge so brace yourself and pay some attention. ( How can we do SEO in Blogspot ) How does it long to take to learn "SEO"? How can I increase traffic on the website? OFF/ON Page SEO strategy in 2021. Conclusion Question - 1 ( How can we do SEO in Blogspot ) In WordPre

Subscriber Button in Blogger/Wordpress Website 2021 - [ Full Information ]

Hi, guys again me shivanshu here and today we're gonna talk about a very important aspect of your blogging career it will help you to gain more and more traffic in general, helps you to communicate your audience and make sure your user came back again and again. In youtube there is a subscriber button and bell icon when you enable it, youtube automatically send your new video update to your audience but in blogger, we have not a that simple way to do this, you have to make your account then some HTML stuff and after that, it's done, you can send new article update to your audience or any message you want to send any time anywhere without any cost it's free to use. I am sure now you guys are thinking, how is it possible without any huge codes of knowledge and without paying a single penny is it really possible? then, my friend, I will say yes there are so many tools who help you to do this, pretty much compact easy to use no need of so high amount of coding just follow these