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The Ultimate Guide To Solid-State Drive (SSD) In 2021 - TechConqueror

Audio file of the page by Techconqueror: Your browser does not support the audio element. Have you ever thought about purchasing an SSD for gaming and other productive tasks? If yes, then you might confuse which SSD is good for you and which is not. Maybe you don't even know what is the difference between an SSD and a HDD. Don't worry in this article I will answer all your doubts about SSD. Recently a word called SSD got really famous among gamers and tech-savvy people, they say SSD improves the performance of the computer but is it real or just a misconception? Hi guys I am Shivanshu Sharma here and today we are gonna figure out everything about SSD so keeps reading. What is SSD? What is the full form of SSD and HDD? Difference between SSD and HDD     SSD (Solid State Drive)     HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Benefits of SSD       SSD does not have any moving parts       SSD has a long life span       SSDs are much faster than HDD Disad
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Subscriber Button in Blogger/Wordpress Websites 2021

Audio file of the page by Techconqueror: Your browser does not support the audio element. Introduction Today we're gonna talk about a very important tool for your blog. it will help you to gain more traffic, helps you to communicate with your audience, and create a relationship with your loyal users who are interested to read your article . In YouTube, we have a default notification pusher tool, whenever a YouTuber posts a video YouTube automatically reminds users. but in blogger, we have to do everything on our own. In this process, we will create a personal notification pusher or subscriber button. It's really important to regain the audience when a blogger post a new article it became really crucial to get visitors, there are some ways you can gain more views through - ads, social media, organic searches and sending notification to your audience. Okay, So in this post we will use 2 tools, f

How To Make HTML & XML Sitemaps For Blogger And WordPress

Introduction Whenever we are creating a site there are few things that should be on your webpage. There are pages that can increase your SEO and help your users to understand better about you and your site. Pages like About Us, Disclaimer, Privacy policy, Cookie policy, Contact Us and Sitemap are very important nowadays. These pages are also important for SEO and Adsense. In this article we will only learn about "Sitemap", How we can make an HTML Sitemap? and What is the difference between HTML & XML Sitemap? and many more. WordPress makes this process easier, but in Blogger we have to do almost everything on our own. Making Sitemap in Blogger is not an easy task but it's not very hard too Just complicated. Follow the given steps. I will suggest you read the entire article for a better understanding of everything related to HTML & XML Sitemaps. Audio file of the page by Techconqueror: Your browser does not support the au