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The Ultimate Guide On SEO To Rank #1 - TechConqueror

SEO (Search engine optimization) is getting harder day by day. There is a lot of things new bloggers forget to do while preparing an article. These mistakes will never help you to rank your article on Google's search results.

I am a blogger and in the journey of years in this field, I gathered lots of experience. I want to share some of my experiences that will help you a lot to rank your article and improve your site performance. these tips are not too hard to follow but some things in this article will consume some of your time. Half knowledge is always a disaster, read the complete article to achieve the best results.

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Search engine optimization

> What is SEO?

> Types of SEOs?

> SEO Techniques to Improve site Rankings and User experience.

> Free SEO Tools

> FAQs of SEO

> Conclusion

What is SEO?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a process to optimize websites and pages for search engines. We make sure that we provide better and optimized web pages for search engines like Google. In this process, we do activities like make pages load faster, Use valid language that supports search engines, Use of images, Link building, Site audit, etc.

Types of SEOs?

Usually, there are 2 types of SEOs, On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. As you read the names I am sure you understand that On-page SEO performs on the site and Off-page SEO performs somewhere else. Let's know more and deeply about both types of SEOs.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO performs on the website and the webpage. On-page SEO Contain Site Speed, Image Format, Text readability, User satisfaction, Site audit and etc. This SEO is important for your site and rankings. As we move ahead we will talk about these options.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO doesn't directly perform on your webpage or website but it plays a significant role in your ranking and engagement. Examples of Off-page SEO are Link building, Social media, socialize your site, Guest posts, influencer marketing and etc.

Link Building

SEO Techniques to Improve site Rankings and User experience

Internal Link Building

Linking your article with other articles having the same domain known as Internal link building. Internal link building is a great way to drive traffic to your other articles as well. make sure your article should be linked with an article having the same niche. don't do just randomly building the links, Internal link helps users to interact with your site more and read the specific topic deeply. it is a better way to improve rankings and improve user experience.

The article should be easy to understand

As I said user experience matters if you writing an article make sure that the article is pretty easy to read. write the article as you speak usually. Most of the people use the very hard and fancy word to show how professional they are, but in the end, matters how easy your article to read for search engine and user both. maybe some fancy words help you to pretend very professionally but in the long term, it makes it hard for the user to understand your content. Nowadays nobody wants to read an article that takes so much power to understand and confuse them. try to write as you speak and provide your information with fewer words but productive content.

Change your image format

Images play a significant role to express your knowledge and helps the user to understand and that's why I think with a short span of time Youtube became very important because it gives knowledge without consuming time and energy and in a visual form. whenever you're writing an article you must add an image there, most of the bloggers use 4 - 5 images but if one image size is 1MB then 5 Images must be around 5MBs which means your article becoming very large in size. An article with a very heavy size takes time to load when a user opens it. Slow articles do not rank very higher at the search result: Google. Change your file format from JPG or PNG WEBp, WEBp is an ideal format for websites. when you convert your format to The WebP the quality of the image doesn't decrease too much but the size of the image felt down drastically.

Alt text for images

Do you know Google can't read images and Google doesn't even know what your image is? This means images won't affect our SEO? No Google has added a feature which is called "Alt text" after uploading an image you should add an alt text, alt text can be added in the settings of the image. Try to make the alt text as short as possible because long alt text feels more like keyword stuffing.

Write a strong and attractive Search description

Hey, have you ever searched anything on google? I am sure most of the people saying obviously. When we search anything on google, Google provides us bunch of different websites regarding your query, In the page, there are the title of web pages and some more information about the article written just a bit down at the title of the webpage. This information is called Search description or you can say Meta description, users usually read the title and description to check out the most relevant information. Google uses this information too to provide their users an optimal knowledge and to improve their user experience. A Good search description or meta description is important for both Google and your audience. Use a relevant and catchy description to improve your rankings and clicks.

What is the ideal word limit for an article?

A good article isn't mean that you have to write approx 2000 or 4000 words but you should write an article above 800 words. Google feels more words means more information and a short article means less information which leads users it a problem and google takes care of their customers. I will suggest you write an article above 1000 words which is a good size. write in-depth like if you writing about, How to make a pizza? so usually people say that takes a base put some pizza sauce and some toppings then put it in the oven which is not a great way to write an article. I will say you to write about the vegetables, what sauce should your users, how to wash vegetables and etc. Now I hope you understand how you can create a valuable article with 1000+ words.

SEO Strategy

Site audit

A site audit is an important task from day 1. Many bloggers ignore this process which leads their site to low rankings on Google. First, we understand, What is Site Audit? A site audit is a process, in this process, we remove and add those things that can affect our site rankings. Things like broken URL, Missing meta description, Image size, Site load speed, and many more. Day by Day when we continuously add more articles to the site some things which should not be there also add there by mistake. For more information about site audits, I will make a separate article to understand this topic deeply.

Google search console strategy

Most of you guys think that the "Google search console" is only for indexing articles but GSC Provides us many more information about our site performance, etc. Things like Keywords, Site or page rank, user engagement, errors and etc. We can use these things to improve our rankings. Most of you are thinking how Keywords are really important and googles tells us which keywords our page is ranking on. we can use this information. Add more data to your article related to which keywords you ranking for. and focus more on user experience to improve the CTR.


Free SEO Tools

Till now we understand, What is SEO? and the Types of SEO but information is really important. some times we even don't know where we should focus on, In this scenario, we will use some tools that can help us truly. These tools are free and paid for both you can use them and tell me what tool you liked the most. is a well-known toolset for backlinks and SEO analysis. It helps to check your website status and your competitors too. By the way, is and paid service but some of its tools are free to use, Tools like Backlink checker, Site Audit, Keyword generator, Keywords difficulty checker, and many more. you can use these tool-free and trust me they work really awesome.

To use Ahrefs's free tools visit, at the bottom of the page you can see a section called "Free tools" all tools are listed there. Let me know in the comment section, do you want me to make a particular article on Free Ahrefs tools?

Google search console

As I said Google search console tells us a lot about our audience. Use of this Crucial information correctly can lead you to rank at the top of the page. But sometimes GSC may be is misleading, Google search console tells us an "average", not the exact information. Recheck the information and use the tool wisely.

Hemingway Editor

Content matters the most, a good quality content means easy to read and information without wasting the time of your user. But how do you find that, Is your content easy to readable? for this problem you can use a tool called Hemingway to copy and paste your article there, now check your readability score if the score is around 6-8 then your article is good, but if it ranks more than 8 this means your article is not as great as it should be.

Plagiarism checker

Copying an article is not a great practice. Google degrades the ranking of those articles that copy content from another website. Every day approx 4 Million new pages were uploads, most of them are useless but few articles dominate the search result. some times we copy an article by mistake. make sure your article is 90% unique. Use a plagiarism checker to identify if there is anything copied. Just search on google "plagiarism checker" and you've to find lots of tools.


FAQs for SEO

1. Can my site rank without SEO?

SEO is really important, In many cases, unique and powerful content really ranks without SEO but I will suggest you do SEO.

2. Does Backlink only work for driving traffic?

Traffic is important but the main reason why people make backlinks is to gain more authority.

3. How do I know if SEO is working?

You can see impressive changes in your site if your SEO is working as it should be. Changes like an increase in traffic.

4. How do I build links on other websites?

Make your site more social, E-mail blog owners to review your page. Guest posting is another very popular method.


Finally, we reached the end. we have learned very important topics about SEO Today. I am sure if you follow all the steps you can see a drastic change in your rankings. these steps are not too hard to follow, This article became very long that's why some steps can't be explained completely. but I will make specific topics on them if you want. You can also tell me how do you like the article and how many steps have you followed before. if you use these steps and saw drastic changes in your site then please let me know in the comment section. I value your feedback.

Let's recall what we have learned (Short Summary).

SEO tools.

Ahrefs, Hemingway editor, Google search console, and Plagiarism checker.

Types of SEOs

There are two types of SEOs, On-page, and Off-page.

What is SEO?

SEO is a way to optimize your page for the search engine so the search engine can easily understand your website or webpage.

SEO Techniques to improve Site rankings and user experience.

Link building, Article should be easy to understand, Use Webp image format. Use alt text for the image, Write a short and attractive Search description, the Article should be more than 800+ words, Site Audit, and Google search console strategy.



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