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What Is Event Blogging? Business Model Of An Event Blog In 2021

Event Blogging is a Short and easy method to earn money in a short span of time, it helps users or content creators. Mostly event blogging is based on an Up-coming Event Like a sporting event or a Festival like New year, Christmas and etc.

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Event blogging is a work of a few days or weeks the aim is to grab Thousands of visitors in a day or in a week the blog is related to an event (eg. New Year) this is called Event Blogging.
More Example: (Christmas)
                         (Valentines week)
                         (holi) etc..

What is Event blogging?

What is Event Blogging?

Event blogging is a micro-niche blog where you write articles on a specific topic. 
You need to write articles about upcoming events. event is not always festivals only it can be a sport or New launches (eg: Reliance Jio) these all are a part of event blogging. event blogging is very flexible I know most of the audience can not write about festivals only but now you know that sports are also part of event blogging.

Is Event Blogging No Longer valid?

Event Blogging is not dead, In fact, in the future Event blogging will grow rapidly. In India, bloggers earn approx $100 to $10,000 a month and it can be improved by time and experience. event blogging is a growing industry.

Career Opportunities In Event Blogging?

Event Blogging is a working method, Most bloggers use it to do it and earn money in a short time period. If you want to be a blogger and want to establish your career in this field then I will suggest that Event Blogging is not your answer, you should start a proper blog and helping others by providing information but Event Blogging is a great Practice to understand the Blogging Industry you can understand many Elements of blog like Content writing, Set up a Blog, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), How to Rank on Google and many more.

What is a Micro-niche blog?

If your starting a blog then I am sure you have a Niche ( TOPIC ) Which define what your blog is like my Blog TechConqueror is about Tech, Video editing, Photoshop, SEO, and Tutorials, Hypothetically your blog's Niche is "Mobile Phone" most of your content is around Mobile phones like - Latest Mobile Phone in Market, Mobile phone's Specification, Mobile phone parts, Processor, RAM, Cameras, and comparisons. 

In a Micro-niche blog, You have to write about a very specific topic suppose you are writing about Processor, New year, Football any one of these. if your Micro-niche blog is about Football then you will not write about Cricket or any other sport or event because your content is focused on a very small area.

How to Find Niches in event blog?

How to choose an event blog niche and Best Event Blogging Topics?

There are various types of niches are covered in the event blogging but I will recommend you to write about what good you are in if you like sports then only write about it because you can only show your full potential in there some more examples of niches.

Holidays - Happy new year, Diwali, Holi, Christmas, etc.

Sports- IPL, Olympic, Fifa, etc.

Launches- Reliance jio, demonetization, Phones, Freedom 251, World cup, etc.

Which niche is most profitable?

If you are thinking that which niche is most profitable and you want to make money online but I will still recommend you to make an article what you like the most but if you are a pro blogger and you have good experience in this field and your question is that which niche is more profitable because event blogging is a game of few days and everyone want to earn better so I will recommend you to make a blog on sports (eg: IPL, World cup, Olympic, etc.) because these events work for more than a month and its a long time period to earn and sports like websites have more ads then a festival website. 

How to make money through event blog?

How to make money Through an Event Blog?

there are various ways to make money and some of you know these methods but I again remember you. you can make money with the Google ad sense program or affiliate marketing is the most famous and genuine way to earn.
  1.  Google Adsense program.
  2. Affiliate marketing.
  3. info links.
  4. donations.
  5. selling your own product.

Google Adsense Program

Adsense is an Advertisement service, it helps you to earn money After completing all AdSense's terms and conditions you can have an Adsense account by placing ads on your site you can start earning money. AdSense is the most famous digital advertisement service used by millions of bloggers it's free and easy to use (Adsense is a product of Google LLC).

Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is a very popular way to earn money by selling other's products and enjoying a 10% to 50% commission of purchase of each product


People can support you by giving you some money if they like your work/content.

Selling your own product

You can create your own courses and online tools or any physical product you can sell and generate money from there.

How to find keywords for event blog?

How to find the right keywords?

Finding keywords is one of the most important things in blogging. find good keywords this will improve the ranking and makes your site easier to grow.

I will suggest you use Google Keywords Planner for accurate keywords Google keywords planner is a google product that gives you the most accurate information and you can also use ahrefs tool for the blog. Yeah, some of the guys are thinking that is a paid tool so I told you that some of the features of ahrefs are free like Keyword Generator, Backlink checker, website authority checker, keyword rank checker, etc. these tools will help you to find Keywords.

Purchasing a domain for Event Blog.

Now you have done your 40% of work but purchasing a top-level domain is important not because google wants because high-quality domain make your website more authentic and feels when people see your page in the search result but this is not necessary if you have a budget then buy a good domain.

Google has updated its algorithms and it doesn't matter what domain ( .com .in .org .edu ) you purchase on-page SEO, or off-page SEO matters more and this will improve your ranking in google. SEO is important to do it properly and then your site will grow faster.

if you are making an article on Indian festival then purchase .in extension and if you writing about any international festival like Christmas then purchases .com extension or .net extension.

How to setup a event blog?

How to Set up an Event Blog?

Now you need to set up your blog many tools are available In the market but I will recommend you to use blogger or WordPress these are the best tools for your blog.

Best Hosting For Event Blog -

if you have any budget so go with WordPress because WordPress has many options to edit your webpage blogger makes your work easy but it's a paid service you need to buy a domain, hosting and then purchase WordPress. all these are not much expensive these all can be under 5000rs or more so if you can purchase then go with this.

If you have no budget and you want to start this from zero then blogger is the way to go because I free you no need to buy a server Blogger is from Google the means Google's server Google server is fast and more secure than anyone you do not need to purchase the domain, blogger gives you a free domain which is "" you can also customize your domain but if you want free then will be in your domain address (eg: 

How to Write Content For an Event Blog?

Content is the most important part of any blog without content you can't say any site a page ranking in google also depends on the content so write greater articles to rank your site in google some tips for you write more than 700 words in an article cause a long article tells Google that this page has more knowledge and accurate but this not means that you can write anything the post google also read your site so make your page understandable and easy to understand. cover all the keywords that you are writing about like if you write about Christmas then also add keywords in that article. write only those keywords that you want to rank on like Christmas songs and etc...

How to make backlinks for event blog?

How to make Quality Backlinks?

Backlinks are the most important part of SEO without those links your site never ranks. if you are thinking that what is backlinks then I explain you suppose there are two websites one site is the site "a" and the second is site ''b'' those sites write about apples but site a has their link on another site then google thinks that site a has more authority than site b because site b has no link on another site like that make your backlinks spread your website's URL on another site's this will improve your ranking and your authority.

Warning backlinks are really hard to make don't try to purchase them from any third party website this will hurt your website Google is very smart they will detect paid backlinks then they will disable your AdSense account and in the worst case it can also restrict the reach of your site

SEO For Event Blog.


  • Purchase your domain approx 5 - 10 months before the Event Date.
  • Information is really important, upload some posts to provide users a better experience.
  • Use some online tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs, or Semrush.
  • Try to Find and Focus on Long-Tail Keywords, Short tail keywords are very High competitive and Hard to rank
  • Content Is the King, Focus on your content and make it easy to understand with deep knowledge.


  • Backlinks are really crucial, Start making links for traffic purposes not just for ranking.
  • One High-Quality Backlink can boost your blog traffic. Don't focus on spammy links.
  • Use Anchor Texts in images also because Google Can't understand or read images, Use Anchor Texts for letting google know what your image is about.
  • Promote your blog through Social Media.
  • I Saw many people who just depend on only one or two sources for traffic or links, make ways as many as you can so people can find your page.


Event blogging is a great and popular way to earn money, Most bloggers use event blogging to increase their income. The entire world is getting digital and if you are a creator then you have lots of opportunities to learn and grow. We learned about event blogging in this article and if you liked this content then don't forget to check out my more educational articles on this site. if you wanted to contact me you can go to the "Contact us" page or visit Twitter. 


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